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Did you know that if a defibrillator is applied to a person in cardiac arrest within 3 minutes of discovery the chances of survival Jump to around 75%?

(Figures taken from uk resus council data


Defibrillator Training - £400.00


Course info;

  • Maximum course size - 12 candidates
  • level 2 QCF qualification
  • Includes real practical sessions with a training defibrillator identical to the real defib that your candidates will be using
  • Includes basic life support update
  • Can be attended by complete first aid novices
  • Re- Qualification can be completed every 3 years
  • For a small additional fee can be provided as an add-on to any of our First Aid courses
  • COURSES Can be run in as little as 2 hours!!




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 Defibrillator sales packages from £1000.00 
 inc VAT
Purchasing a defibrillator can be a difficult thing to do so 
Executive Training Ltd try to take the confusion out of this process by offering an advice service free of charge including a visit from one of our staff to look at your site 
and advise you the best type and positioning of your defibrillator!
To go that extra mile we also offer discounts off our defibrillators
if you buy one of our Defibrillator Packages which includes 
training and a free wall sign for your site.
 To enquire about prices and book a consultation click